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Thursday, November 30, 2006

new blogskin


i changed my blogskin. hehhs. this person who created this skin darn emo sia. all the words and lines SUPER emo. lol. edited and took out so much. haha. i love my blogskin! hehhs. :DDD

❤JOEI!:D 10:56 PM


hey everyone!

im BORED! haha. was feeling giddy in the morning so i didnt go for volleyball training. ): must hav miss out alot even though its juz one training. haha. and my stamina is dropping lyk hell. fats oso accumulating. sad lah. haha. nvm. oh well. im FAT i admit. hehhs.

anw im BORED! ):

❤JOEI!:D 9:33 PM

Tuesday, November 28, 2006



i juz came back frm training. haha. today's training was fun! (: we had it in the rain. lol. i found out that the coach lyk mr goh lk tat. tok to ppl look somewhere else de. haha. coz juz now he was talking to me. but her looking another side so i was wondering whether he's talking to me anot. lol.

i hate warm-ups! its mpre tiring than the training itself. haha. need run here and there. after that had to stand in position. i got scolded so many times and oso laughed quite alot. haha. anw it's still FUN! :DDD i cnt serve balls. :( haha. i really cnt. my hand no strength. sad lor. nvm lah. haha. i noe i cnt do it either.

after training went to j8 with vivien and cherie. and vivien is so outstanding with her white jersey! haha. at the bus stop we took pics. and one of it is to show that vivien is OUTSTANDING! hehhs.

our back views! *No.12* vivien is so outstanding! WHITE! haha.

the 3 of us! :DD cherie loves this pic coz she say her hair is nice in this pic. LOL.

nxt we went to j8. haha. vivien is always kena suan by me and cherie. lol. and cherie that aunty choose one necklace choose so long. haha. walked almost the whole j8. went minitoons den me and vien want to buy tat bottle! hahaha. and we went home. so fun!
tatas! (:

❤JOEI!:D 5:39 PM

Monday, November 27, 2006

happy feet. :D


i juz came back frm a movie 'happy feet'. haha. with huiyun. yingying, rongxuan and hongguang. the movie is starting at 2 so i was suppose to meet them at 1.50. but i got out of the hse at 1.40 and luckily my father came when i crossed the road so i asked him to fetch me to j8. heng sia. haha. i reached on time. (: went to watch the movie.

it was quite nice and touching at some parts. i lyk the ending. very exciting. lol. but it was quite expected as the story goes along. hehhs. anw after that we went to find wanching's present. it cost !@#$%^&*() but i didnt share. haha. nxt went to walk around j8 and came home. actually suppose to go rx hse but it was too late so i came home and they went there. lol.

okay gtg. sayonara! :DD

❤JOEI!:D 7:31 PM

choir camp and cssp camp! (:

hello everyone! its been a long time since i updated coz i wasnt even at home. haha. i had choir camp and cssp camp! (:

choir camp
committe had to reach sch earlier coz still need go to buy their breakfast. i reached the bus stop at 8 and yingying over slept. haha. i waited for 20 min b4 i went in. -.-'' when i reached, all of them were there le except for yingying and me lah. lol. rongxuan, xinmin, zhengrui and me then went to tp de ntuc to buy the tings. so fun. hhaha. 12 loaves of bread leh. and dunno how many packets of milo. flour and jam as well! (: since yingying didnt want to walk in to sch alone she came and meet us, with her big big camp bag while the rest us de were in school. haha. carried all the tings back to sch. hand pain sia. choir members must thank the committe for goin there and buying ur breakfast! haha. settled down and i was surprised that mr phua actually allowed me to go for volleyball training! haha. it was alright. and i had to stand facing the sun. and my face got 2 colours! so er xin. ): got our volleyball jerseys! *no. 12* haha. very nice. lyk the shirt. (: after that went back to choir. choir is always so boring. =X sing sing sing. i need not sing coz i had block nose and sore throat. hehhs. :D and my voice totally changed. lol. after the practice was games. well. all the games were frm obs de. haha. we hav no originality. hehhs. coz we cant tink of any games le. haha. dinner time! and after that was suppose to be night trail but ended up watching movies coz it was raining. ): i was looking forward to the night trail! watched 2 movies. haha. and we went to slp. as usual, we couldnt slp. i was to clear up the library. sad. =( wingyan, yingying, rongxuan, huiyun, hongguang, zhengrui and vincent helped me to clear the library! haha. ty ppl! :D it was cleared in no time all thanks to them. haha. if i were to clear it alone, i dunno whether i can even clear it anot. lol. after that went to the staff room coz there are still left over and mr phua said we can eat it. though some of us didnt eat we still went in. got air con mah. haha. and mr phua's bed is so comfy!! can really slp on his bed. lol. but still we cnt concentrate on slping coz the guys were singin inside and their singin SUCKS! =X finally we went to slp. :))

had to wake up early to prepare breakfast for them. our breakfast starts at 7.30 and the friendly match starts at 7.30. sad lor. no breakfast for that day. i want to go to peirce reservior with choir de but i didnt go. hahaa. nvm. coz i made the right choice by staying for the match. hehhs. same. i played center. i keep missing the ball. and the ball i serve can nvr go over the net! stupid. then when practice that time can go over. -.-'' lol. nvm lah. at least we tried our best. haha. after the match, choir still havent come back and cherie didnt wan to go back for band so me. alexis and cherie stayed and played. haha. soon choir came back le. -.-'' zhengrui came and join us to play and it was so funny. hahaha. he played till very funny. sian lah. went back for choir. me and yingying were sick. so we rested the whole day. haha. she had headache and i had block nose. since block nose cnt sing so i accompanied her lor. i didnt eat lunch coz i dun feel lyk eating. and both of us had fever. wth. haha. my temperature is higher than hers according to wingyan and rongxuan. so for the choir practice in the afternoon, we slept throughout. haha. outisde the ava. lol. peiqin and hweizhong lend me their jackets. haha. band was making so much noise packing their stuff. haha. they woke me up and i couldnt slp. i ended up talking to kenneth. haha. and went back to sleep when it was quiet. then after practice it was the games. i went down to watch them play while yingying continued slping. its was very fun watching them play. it was dinner! i still hav no appetite. sad =( after dinner it was night trail! the one i've been waiting for! haha. luckily it nvr rained. it was so fun making fun of them. hahaha! pouring cold water and looking at them suffer makes me happy. =X HAHAHA! after the night trail, hadto clear up. some of us lied down at the volleyball court looking at the sky. it was very nice and cassandra told us some jokes. haha. we laughed till crazy. and then after all of them had bathed, we went to bathed. i wasnt tired coz i slept in the afternoon. hehhs. peiqin, rongxuan and me ordered mac. yumyum. very nice coz i didnt eat the whole day haha. after that went to the dance studio slack awhile b4 we went to slp.

we get to wake up abit later! at 8 plus.haha. so good rite? ate breakfast and we had choir practice again. they learnt finish the set piece le but i still havent. haha. learnt abit and it was prize presentation! lol. forgot which grp was the 1st le. haha. nvm lah. it doesnt matter to me. =X lol. and nxt up was area cleaning. we get to see them clean. haha. and after tat we had PIZZA! and ice cream. commite only get to one piece of pizza and no ice cream. nvm lah. haha. aftter that we stayed back to help mr phua clear his stuff and then at night he treated us to DINNER!guess wad is it. pizza again. haha. nvm lah. it was nice. hehhs. and the bill was $98. i expected it to be over $100. lol. and went home to slp! because nxt day have cssp camp! (:

cssp camp. haha. i lazy to say le lah. lol. but it was quite fun. BUT. obs better. lol. and i oso dun feel lyk saying. haha. all i can say is i dun lyk my grp. and i love my grp at the same time. lol. the instructors and officers there were very nice! :DD and the food was good. hahaha. that's all. lol. and i love the BBQ! haha.

stop here le. bye! (:

❤JOEI!:D 11:22 AM

Monday, November 20, 2006

hello! im in the office now. hehhs.
im juz feeling bored so i decided to update my blog. and i still hav a bit of free time. (: ah! okay im goin off le! (: bye!
gonna catch a movie later! byes. (:

❤JOEI!:D 4:53 PM

Saturday, November 18, 2006


HOLLA! haha.
came back frm cherie's church. emily, kahhwa, shangchuan and kahhwa's cousins went there. (: haha. it was very fun! cherie was goin mad laughing. kahhwa's cousin took a video and the bitches who were sitting behind us were angry. well. i tink his brain a little hay wire. :/ shhh. dun say i say. haha! there are a few bitches there but i dunno their name. were until lyk ...... no figure still wan wear until lyk tat. haha. after the service we took photo! surprisingly the hall was not cold today. (:

cherie, emily and me! :D

after that we had hotdogs to eat! orange julius de. haha. i had to go off early but in the end, shangchuan say take cab and he's paying! wahaha. kahhwa and his cousin went off early without tell us. -.-'' so he have no hotdogs. lol. we slowly walked to coffee bean and ate our hotdogs on the way. i know its a little pathetic but we had no choice coz we actually wanted to go the flag for a cab. well. while waiting for the rest of the ppl to arrive we took photos again!

we are mad. :DD

haha. actually still got other nice nice photos which i lyk it very much! but sad i cant post it in case misunderstandings and cherie, emily and me become famous. haha. we went down to flag for cab but no cab. :( nvm. we walked all the way back to the mrt station and took a cab there. darn lame lah. we didnt want to take coz extra charge of $2. but we took at the mrt station which is still the same coz we needed to pay extra $2 as well. haha. nvm lah. im not the one paying anw. :/ anw thank you shangchuan for paying the taxi fare coz the total was $21.60. haha. he rich lah.

oh well. end here. im still sad coz i cant post the photos which i lyk!! haha.

i dun care liao. im posting it. haha! :D take a look at them!




p.s. those 3 photos are not for REAL! we are juz posing. haha. pls dun get us wrong. :DDD

❤JOEI!:D 11:03 PM

Friday, November 17, 2006


alright im SUPER DUPER angry now. I HATE THEM! super pissed with some bloody ppl. SUCK!
to think that i treated them as my good friends and i trusted them so much, they lied to me. wtF. i msg her ytd night and why cant she juz tell me the truth? and the other person as well. making up a story to make me believe. they should hav told me ytd and i wont be fumin now. they are juz IDIOTS. idiotic ppl with no brains. what's the point of telling me the truth this morning. ITS TOO LATE! so what if they feel bad? so what if they feel guilty? its still too late. if they really feel bad and guilty, they wouldnt hav told a stupid lie. a lie which i actually BELIEVED. how dumb can i get? how stupid can i be? im juz a stupid idiot who believes whatever they say. ohwell. its too late and no point about this anymore. i hav lost trust in them.
ppl who hav read this pls dun ask me who are they. coz talking about them makes my blood boils! and for the 2 ppl who hav read this, it will be GOOD. coz i juz wanna tell the both of you i hate you.

❤JOEI!:D 2:20 PM

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

AP ppl and narcissists!

yayness! i went to make my ic today. yingying accompanied me. :) haha. after making we went to bugis.

we met alot of AP ppl and narcissists lor. juz cant stand them. hahaa. firstly, i went to counter 14 to make my ic. the person showed me the fucking face. she asked me which dialect am i. i said i dunno. den she said 'you dunno?' in a spastic tone. pls lah. i follow my father's dialect and its staed CLEARLY on my birth cert. cant she open her eyes and see? okay nvm. den we went to bugis' mac. the stupid person there oso got problem de. i repeated myself so many times and she cant hear it den show me black black face. ARGH! pls lah. i said it so loudly. tink even the person beside her oso can hear lor. time to dig her ears man! my mother oso AP! wth lah! i didnt say anything she start scolding me. fuck sia. (pardon me for saying fuck coz im really pissed today,) the moment she step into the hse when she brought my sister back frm sch, she started nagging. im alrd late and she expect me to eat. ARGH! keep saying that everytime i nvr eat and keep goin out. coming very late at night. she comes home even later than me lor. if she goes out at night lah. and ask me eat my meals outside. dun take money frm her. FUCK!

and bugis usually hav a lot of narcissists so its expected and im not surprised. haha. yupyup. tat's all.
tmr still hav volleyball and i cant go and help wingyan paint her hse tmr sad. =(

❤JOEI!:D 6:32 PM

Monday, November 13, 2006

another bbq (:

hello! :) uhm. i was rotting this morning lah. lol. at home. only hav my laptop and tv entertain me. lol.

den hongguang said he wanted to go out so me and huiyun accompanied him to go. lol. we went j8. sian place, i noe. haha. den we met yingying and rongxuan! they were there to catch a movie. material girls. i oso wan to watch! haha. yupyup. den i saw huiqin they all. went to hide in the cinema. HAHA! so funny. was in the toilet so we decided to take some photos. (: many ppl were looking at us lah. lol.

me, yingying and xuan

me and yingying.

after that we finally came out of the toilet. our motive of coming out in actually to find a place where we can sit and talk and we ended up outside the girls toilet. haha. so funny lah. and we took this photo. :)

outside the toilet. haha.

LOL. and we sat there till yingying and rongxuan went into the cinema for their movie. haha. yupyup. then we went to find eunice's present. and hongguang keep sayin wanting to find wc's present. and i had to repeat myself dunno how many times that we are now looking for eunice's present and not wc's present. haha. den we went to walk around. sebastian came and join us. went to buy smth to eat so tat me amd huiyun can eat on the bus. haha. she wanted to go and take her pay but in the end nvr coz it was too late alrd. haha. i went to her hse. while we were in the lift, we took this pic.

me and yun. our reflections :)

she played tonghua and showed me alot of her young photos and trophies. haha. felt so honoured that im the 1st to see all her young photos. she was so cute at that time!! :DD

its 7 plus so we made a move to huiqin's hse for the bbq. alot of ppl there le and i tink we are the lastest. hehhs. i was so bored in the beginning. haha. so me and eunice went to walk around. lol. and we counted the times we walked along the same path. SEVEN TIMES :D haha. yupyup. we walked aimlessly around. except for sometimes where we needed to go and buy some stuff. :) we play at the fitness corner and huiqin came along. she needed to go and melt the chocolate for the fondue so we tagged along. haha. yupyup. it was fun making them although we only need to make hot water. i pricked my fingers while putting the apple cubes onto the satay sticks. haha. it was nice eating the fondue. :DDDD they couldnt start the fire so huiqin's mother went down to help. and she carried the chicken wings back to fry it. haha. very nice. huiqin's mother oso very funny. hehhs. me and eunice went up to take the chicken wings. we were told to go down. and they prepared a birthday cake for me, eunice and yaorui. (: tyy! haha. the ppl present were huiqin, yunqi, eunice, zhengrui, hongray, yaorui, huiyun, quanyin, kahhwa and shangchuan. haha. yupyup. had to leave early coz got curfew! argh. sian. but nvm. shangchuan's curfew earlier than me. :)
now i shall post some pics i took there. hehhs.

the x'mas tree at j8

star on top of it! i juz love the stars on top of x'mas trees. :DD

me and eunice

chocolate fondue!!

the bbq pit.

the cake for me, eunice and yaorui! :DDD

earrings. frm rongxuan and hongguang. ty!

pillow. frm kenny. ty!

angel. frm hongray. ty! <3

bear. frm yaorui. ty!

haha. yupyup. tat's all. im gonna go slp le. ty to those who were there and ur presents. THANK YOU! :D LOVES! <33

❤JOEI!:D 11:51 PM

Saturday, November 11, 2006


TIRED! haha. now i shall talk about OBS!! obs rawks and i so love obs. haha. miss all those ppl frm MUNSHI! and of coz our instructor LUM! haha. i still wan to say im taller den him. lol.

day 1
reached school and got rdy for the obs. haha. we took a bus and board a boat and reached pulau ubin. haha. we reached the multi-purpose court where out 5-day starts. =) we are being grped into grps. sad tat i cnt be in the same grp as yingying, meiting, huiyun, tracy or emily. haha. but nvm. hehhs. got cheryl and seah hui! =) my grp is MUNSHI and our instructor is LUM. haha. we played some bonding games and it was quite bored at first. walked around the campsite den went to our dorm! haha. got bed, pillow and blanket for you sia. we laid out our matress and there's lizards in the cupboards. haha. den since we have time den we sat down and talked about *** horny ppl. HAHA! there we began to noe each other better and started making friends. :) there's lynn, franciso, sue, zana, roger, yuxiang and rainer! (: they are nice ppl. cheryl, seahhui, jiewei, zhengrui and hongray is in the same grp as me as well. after tat we learn how to belay and then we had free time again. haha. the toilets had nobody so we are always taking our own sweet time to bathe. :D haha.

day 2
woke up at 5 plus coz we needed to meet at 5.55am. stupid time. haha. had to do warm ups and the 5BX. :) we were late but we are NOT the latest. hehhs. coz there are other watches later then us. btw they call the grps watches. haha. did and went for breakfast. den we went to do the high elements. so high. at 1st i tot i couldnt do it. but with the encouragement frm cheryl, we managed to reach the top! yayness. haha. if not we cnt hav lunch. haha. the other grps cnt slp in their dorms. lol. lamers. haha. had free time. -.-'' free time all the way. after lunch had some bonding games. there 3 types of games but we only won one, which is the skipping de. haha. and suisen won the other 2. they strong sia. lol. and then guess wad, FREE time AGAIN. lol. almost half of the day free time. haha. and if i didnt rmb wrongly, we dun hav other activities le. haha.

day 3
needed to wake at 5.55am again. lol. as usual, we are late but when we reach, there are only afew watched there only. the rest all late. hehhs. nvm lah. this time my whole body's alrd aching. haha. nvm. still did everything and after morning, we are goin to trek to campsite. with our heavy bags! haha. we pitched our tents and then kayaking! i wanted to use this chance to tan. but it was raining. haha. nvm lah. when we were half-way on the sea the sun came out and i get to tan! in the middle of the sea we ate lunch and my head giddy. tired sia! but managed to reach the ending point. =) after tat jetty jump! haha. darn cool. we jumped 2 times! and when yuxiang jumped, all the fishes flew above him. twice some more. haha. then when franciso jumped in, the fish went into his ear. lol. funny ppl. haha. we bathed. did outdoor cooking and the rice is so 'nice'. haha. had nightwalk at night! it was so scary lah. totally cnt see urself even if you reach ur hand out. haha. luckily i get to walk with zana. lol. really very dark. and luckily hongray was there! <3

day 4
as usual, 5.55am. but this time there was miscommunication with the other instructors so we nvr do PT. haha. and we went to unpitch our tents. so when they are suppose to unpitch their tents, we went to the jetty to enjoy the breeze. very nice and then when we went back, it was the land expedition! haha. i dun mind walking a long way but without our heavy bags! no choice carried it around. shoulders aching. haha. and we slacked half way lah. duh. ahha. need to fund 4 checkpoints and we forfeited 1. lol. get to be tanned again! :))) we reached the other campsite and we get to bath in the quarry! we needed to build raft but it failed but nvm. we still have the chance to jump into the water. :DD the water darn fresh and clear. love the WATER! came up and had to change in the open. so er xin. YUCKS! but no choice. haha. we pitched our tents again and had to do cookin in the dark. very nice. its the last night alrd. =( so fast. at around 3am got ppl frm johor on music so loud until almost everybody was woke up by them. haha.

day 5
it's the last day! uhm. sad. haha. we get to wake up abit later. 6. haha. unpitched our tents and went back to campsite 1. where we have comfortable beds. lol. walked all the way without stopping! yayness. with our heavy bags hor. haha. reached and did area cleaning. cleaned the toilets and our dorm. packed the storeroom and tat's when i shouted, "im so proud of myself! im taller than LUM!" haha. then we went to eat our very last lunch at the dining hall. they sang a birthday song for me! :D and after tat bought obs shirts! photos. finally it's time for us to say goodbye. quite sad lah. 5 days tgt and now we are separating. =( nvm. at least we got each other's number and email. haha. the end of our 5-day course. went to jetty and went back to school. HOME SWEET HOME!

this is a picture which we took when we went for steamboat the night before OBS. haha.

me xuan and ying! :D

❤JOEI!:D 7:30 PM

Friday, November 10, 2006

OBS! =)

hello everyone! im finally 15! hahahaha lazy blog so i shall juz sae


❤JOEI!:D 8:35 PM

Sunday, November 05, 2006

im once again sad. because i saw smth. oh well.

if he wants to let go, i will let go too. no point telling the whole world how he feels. well. all i want him to noe is i still love him. =) <3


❤JOEI!:D 11:40 AM

ty to wingyan, yingying, huiyun, rongxuan, huimin and meiting!

juz came back again. lol.

early in the morning woke up and went to school for geog! sian. with vivien. haha. while mrs chung was getting the paper, i looked up and see the sky so nice so i took a photo of it. lol.

the nice blue sky frm the atrium. =)

yupyup. then mrs chung started her 'lesson' soon one person came, she repeated the same thing. okay nvm. another person came, she repeated it again! wth lah. i heard it for 3 times. haha. and then the last person came but she nvr repeat coz she ask to repeat it on her behalf. -.-'' to show how good teachers we are. lol. and she promised to let us go at 10. =)

after that i need rush home den rush to work. haha. me and vivien missed 3 buses at the same time. argh! all gone. haha. no choice hav to wait. in the end still late for work. haha.

rushed home bathed and came out. i reached the bus stop late and den missed 2 buses. argh! sry hongguang, i not purposely late de. haha. waited so long for the stupid dumb 55! and when we reached J8, we miss 52! walao! i missed almost every bus today! haha. nvm. suppose to reach at 12 but in the end reached at 12.30. and worked for 2 hrs only coz we finished everything le. den the manager went out. haha. so we had nth to do so went home. but i didnt want to go home so i went hongguang's hse. haha. yupyup. on the bus darn funny lah. sebastian called. and me and sebas was lyk argueing abt being mad. he said you are mad and i will sae you are madder. he said you are maddest i will sae you are maddest of the maddest. haha. darn funny lah. in the end not we mad is hongguang mad. LOL. so went his hse used his com. haha. yupyup. and was so hungry so cope his food eat. =X his fridge got biscuits and sweets so i took it out eat as well lah. haha. and playing the com at the same time.

its 5.30 so i hav to rush down to meet huimin and our meeting time is 5.30. haha. nvm. she's later den me. =) but luckily nvr miss bus and we reached 2 mins earlier leh! haha. and rongxuan was late for the FIRST time. hehhs. they said they wanted to meet me for dinner so i was lyk ok lor. haha. yupyup. den went northpoint. walked around for less than half an hour then went to wingyan's hse there. lol. we waited outside the condo coz the stupid security guards dun wan let us in. haha. when i reached i was so shocked lah. haha. they actually prepared a bbq to celebrate my birthday! i was so happy! =)) i didnt noe at first and they were quite good at bluffing lor. hahaha!

reached there and i started helping them lah but didnt help much. hehhs. i juz help fan and walk here walk there. lol. then eat! hehhs. only eat abit i full le dunno why. lol. and then there's birthday cake for me and meiting! coz her birthday on 18th nov. =) yupyup. so happy! lol. and wingyan keept asking us to serve them the cake. lol. huiyun dropped her cake. sad. =( yingying so bad lor. bluff me she goin out wid primary sch fren. lol. then huimin and rongxuan oso bad. the bluff me wan meet up for dinner. lol. but nvm. im still HAPPY! :DDD and here are some pics i took. =)

the cups!

vodka! =)

the birthday cake for me and meiting! :DDD

the inner side of the card they gave me.

the outter side. =) designed by wingyan! ty!

made by huiyun and given by huiyun. she said she did until 1.18am. ty!

when we were walking to the bus stop tat got one grp of ppl. wtF lah. we oso nvr make them they come sae us. lol. we talk back. yingying was lyk fuck off lah. haha. den i asked them to scram. lol. funny. den we saw hweizhong, hongguang, roystonn, sebastian and alan at the basketball court. so they went wid us back to find those BIMBOS AND TWITS! haha. yupyup. but they hav their parents there so we confirm lose so we sat there. yupyup. its was 11.07 le and i was suppose to reach home by 11. lol. nvm lor. took a cab home. haha.

yupyup. tat's all. and i would lyk to thank the following ppl. WINGYAN! YINGYING! HUIYUN! RONGXUAN! HUIMIN! MEITING! =) TY TO ALL OF YOU! LOVES! <33
i havent pack my OBS stuff yet. hehhs.

❤JOEI!:D 12:03 AM

Friday, November 03, 2006

first day of work! :D

hello! just came back frm work! hehhs! yayness and i finally got to work coz im seriously BROKE hehhs.

anw went to sch for the chem ting. hydration! wth lah. need make the correct colour. luckily i succeeded all 3 times! haha. heng arh! so proud of myself. lol. =) anw after the chem hav history. watch hitler de movie. well. quite boring but den quite nice at the same time. haha.

den after that went to work with huiyun! 1st day of work. yupyup. the ppl there quite nice. and friendly. but then the place quite cold. nvm. did data logging. need type and use the com. the manager bought us drinks! so nice of him. haha. the office there oso very nice. lyk the environment alot. =) den got a lot of problems need keep calling him. tink he irritated by us le. lol. then after tat went to help huiyun gave the fliers for her church ting.

went and met titus and his fren. well actually i didnt help much coz not a lot of ppl wanted to take but at least i tried lah. haha. not alot as well. =X den after tat went to hav fish&co for dinner. =) the ppl there all rich ppl lor. wth lah. open wallet inside so many cards. LOL. i felt so qi guai coz the ppl there i all dunno. but heng got huiyun and titus! haha. yupyup. the total price for the meal is $125. frm wad i heard lah. lol. and this shows they are rich. and i was finding it strange why the children come with one adult and left with another. and denn i noe tat they were relatives. -.-''

anw, im now very sad even though i was so happy juz now. its not depression or wad. but because of other things. yupyup. =(

❤JOEI!:D 9:10 PM

Thursday, November 02, 2006

wingyan and rongxuan are mad.

YOYO! hav a very interesting day today! =)

in the morning again hav the remedials. sian lor. but its plain copying so dun need use brain. =) im LAZY! haha. well. den we had volleyball! there's a coach! he looked so gay and has a pervertic face juz lyk kenneth. haha! he run oso lyk elephant lyk tat. seriously. not joking. lol. he spike hor, hands so lady-like. YUCKS! okay. nvm. den had to do some drills. yupyup. need run forward hit, bakwards and forward hit again. if you do tat for too long surely will make you hunch-back de haha! gave us 5-min water break den got theory. argh. sian sia but heng the physics remedial save us. we left half way. HENG ARH! anw physics was okay lah. juz tat i cant seem to balance it. haha. yupyup. MR TEH IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MR SONG!

after tat went to orchard with huimin, wingyan and rongxuan. too bad yingying didnt go coz she got job interview. haha. yupyup. i needed to go there buy things. =) when we reached there, we were too hungry so went to eat 1st. MAC! =) den we went to buy. went inside taka and we were making a hell lot of noise. lol. coz wingyan and rongxuan went mad. go and ask them wad they did. HAHA! me and huimin were lyk we dunno them, we dunno them. lol. anw we den went to kinokuniya. went there look around. lol. say this very nice say that very nice as usual. =) and when we on the way to kino, we saw this x'mas tree! so tall and nice and luckily i had a camera of it so i took a photo. =)

the x'mas tree! so nice rite? lol.

the star on top of the tree! how i wish i could hav tat star. =)

haha. yupyup. den i needed to go home le. sad rite? haha. lastly i juz wan to say, HUIMIN LOVES HAOFONG AND I LOVE MY MUMMY! haha. =)

okay. end here. bye everyone!

❤JOEI!:D 8:27 PM

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

looking for OBS stuff!

juz came back home. haha. did alot of walking today. LOL.

had remedial this morning. WAH! sian man! can slp. haha. had 2 1/2 hours break so me, eunice, vivien, eling and huiyun went to prata house to eat. hehhs. coz dun wan to stay in sch for so long. will be bored to DEATH! hahaha. den went shop and save. vivien got $70 coz she had As in her report. ohwell. since she said it, we treat it as she wan to treat us so we ask her buy us tibits! =) thanks vivien! =)

well. after the remedial, was suppose to go with them to kbox. but i back out. i need to go buy obs stuff coz no time le. i oso feel bad abt this but pls forgive me. =( sorry to eunice, yunqi, huiqin, kenny, hongray, zhengrui and lastly MISS HU! sry for backing out. sry for not goin with ur. sry for not keeping my promise. sry for not telling ur earlier. sry for making ur upset. =( nxt time i will go wid ur de. I PROMISE! =)

so i went wid yingying, huiyun and wingyan to search for the obs stuff. went to queensway haha. WALKED so many rounds to look for the things we wanted to find but still cant find. huiyun bought her fbt shorts! =) she is so SEXY! =X haha. yingying wanted to buy shorts but cnt find. sad. =( haha. i need track pants! argh! in the end oso nvr find. after walking around we went to find somewhere to sit and sat for quite a long time coz we wanted to wait for wingyan to eat finish her corn. yupyup. and we decided to go amk central and look for it! haha.

it was raining so heavily lah. den we went to the bus stop. and waited so long for 855. as wingyan did not hav enough coins she decided to go home. and huiyun too, =( sad. well nvm lah. me and yingying went. haha. when we were in 855 got one guy keep scolding vulgarities. haha. alighted 855 and went up on 166. when we sat down, behind us is a person slping. she snored so loudly lah. haha. =X and we went to world of sports, dun hav. so we went to sports link. and we finally found track pants! we bought the same one. =) but she still couldnt find her shorts. mayb goin back with her to queensway to buy the umbro one =)

okay. gonna go watch tv le! bye! =)

❤JOEI!:D 8:54 PM