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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

uncle tony's gone. ):

heyya ppl! :D

hmmmm. had 2 periods of physics today! facing him for 2 hours. sian. but he let us off on time. miracle eh. (: hahaha. anw had training after that. it was boring! did serving and then juz hit here hit there. LOL i did 100+ pushups! nearing to 200! coz i couldnt serve over. =X hehhs. after that i went for choir. juz dun wan to go but i still had to go. ): did the same song and SOME ppl had to do pumping. he wasnt even serious at all! laughing all the way when he's doing it. i juz scolded across. sry choir for being so fierce. ):

anw today's the day where uncle tony is leaving. sad sad sad. ): why does he hav to go? haix. nobody greeting me good morning anymore. ah! that's so sad lah. ): okay. im not the only feeling sad. depressed man! juz feel depressed. not because that he's gone but oso because of other tings. yup. but of coz the leaving of uncle tony is one of the reasons. he's a good friend to many ppl. (: gave him a small little gift and shall go to his hse during CNY! woots! :D

hahaha. yupyup. tings wont go juz wad you wanted in life. there are bound to be ups and downs. and there are many reasons to it. AH! im feeling DEPRESSED! ):


okay since im so bored and my blog's so boring without pics. i've decided to post some pics. which is lyk taken so so so long ago. hehhs. (:

me and my cousin. (: (:



YAY! we took neos! (:

ignore me lah. im juz feeling bored. BOREDOM! :/ depressed as well. ): my whole body's aching lyk hell! tmr is the tornament! jiayou girls. i dun even get to go in court to play. ): ): ): this means alot to me so im super duper SAD!

❤JOEI!:D 7:45 PM

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


hello! :DDD

today had physics test and amaths test. argh. gonna flunk both of them. well. i tink i xi guan le. so dun care but im still sad okay?!?! haha. had pc period and guess wad is it? sexuality education! okay. lots of ppl went so high. =X im not ok! hahaha. alright. done with the sch part. (:

nxt. TRAINING! hmm. it was tough at the beginning coz of the warm ups. and i juz eaten. had to run to and fro. ): and did pushups and situps. wth lah. he today fa siao. and then at the last part he lyk as if found his sense of humour. started to say lame tings which obvious made all of us laugh. LOL lah. the best part is that he said those who cnt serve over need to do 10 pushups. for everyball that do not go over. and he said,"make sure ur do until when you go home drink soup, ur hand will tremble." LOL! okay. nvm if ur dun find it funny. okay. now, its CONFIRM that i cant get in court to play. im super uber sad. ): ): ): hav to sit outside court watch them play. say nan ting yi dian means EXTRA! okay. im EXTRA! get it? E.X.T.R.A! ): ): ): sadness. ): haix.

nvm at that. there's phy test this coming thu, and we are goin for the match! so cnt take. gonna take it later. yup. there's training tmr as well. i very scare tell mr phua coz he might scold me again. DOUBLE sadness. ): ): ): ): ): ): haix haix haix. wad kind of life am i living? other tings which make me sad and that makes it TRIPLE sadness. ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): sighh.

i shall go off now. bye!

❤JOEI!:D 7:32 PM

Monday, January 29, 2007

boring day in school. ):

heyya! :D

im currently at huimin's hse. (: had a super uber boring day in sch. 3 periods of maths! can you imagine it? 3 HOURS! haha. ur brain can seriously die. hehhs. and there was cme. haix. marriage, marriage and marriage. wth lah. now still quite early? LOL anw mr phua didnt come to sch today and ms wong came to take over. and i had to present! argh. stupid hate 22! chinese was hell boring as well. (:

after sch came here. with michelle and wingyan. but wingyan home.
stop here. :D BYE!

❤JOEI!:D 5:47 PM

Sunday, January 28, 2007

at my grandfather's hse


went to my grandfather's hse. it was HELL boring. haha. i brought my hw to do but ended up slping. =X i was doin on the bed and i juz fell asleep. hahaha. ohwell. there nth much actually. my cousin keeps bugging me. wanting me to tell him the fren who saw him. haha. he's lame. LOL.

this short short post will end here. im gonna do my hw! i can do it! i definitely can! :D hahaha. im juz lying yo myself coz actually i cant. =X okay. BYE!

❤JOEI!:D 7:51 PM

Saturday, January 27, 2007

YINGYING so rock yeah?!

Ugh this is such a chore! Miss Joei is making me do this, (my brain ain't functioning properly luh) how could she!? HA! I was joking (: ok, not funny, i know :/

Alright let me tell you something :

why dont you talk to me? ):
I didn't know she was online, so...

YET she replied,
.:joei!-*] tired of my mundane life! ):`i wanna SCREAM out loud! says:
.:joei!-*]tired of my mundane life! ):`i wanna SCREAM out loud! says:
why didnt you talk to me?

Okay is this enough to prove that she's bad? :/:/ Ohcrap, i'm super duper uber effing bored ):

And this girl over here, changed her skin twice within 2days? Abit "not-so-crazy". Ah it's so pointless, cause i haven't got a topic!): Oh i've gotta praise you huh, you actually woke up so darn early? What a rare opportunity aye. Ohwell, that's so random

GREAT right! You can finally stuff that damned contacts into your eyeball (: Oh this reminds me of bio! That's liek driving me crazy ): Anyway what was the feeling like?

Uh, i wanna stop forcing my brain, so bye?
lotsoflove, you-know-who.

❤JOEI!:D 10:02 PM

im bored. ):

heyya ppl!

im here blogging coz im bored. haha. feeling tired coz i woke at 7 plus today. can you believe it?! JOEI TAN WOKE UP AT 7 PLUS! lol. accept the fact that i did it. (: face it. hahaha. anw went to tuition and met rosy! i didnt noe she had tution over there. lol. met zhiying too! :D

anw i juz changed my blogskin even though i juz changed it ytd. dun lyk it so i change. (: and although i dun really lyk this as well but i hav no choice. coz i've been searching for the past hour and i tink this's the best. i found one that i lyk alot! but it cant be displayed. ): and some others which are so so so emo and if i put it. SOME ppl will start i emo again. haha.


❤JOEI!:D 5:57 PM

Friday, January 26, 2007

sadness. ):

heyhey! :D

guess wad? i juz woke up at 9.30. haha. and i slept at around 4. it was suppose to be a SHORT nap but i ended up slping for so long. lol. and anw tests are coming up! argh. here test there test and as usual, i'll flunk all of them! i hate this! why cant i juz sit down and study seriously? why why why? haix. no point saying that coz there's only one word to say. STUPID!

anw we lost to queensway sec. lyk duh. its expected and we were prepared to lose so we not that sad. haha. and i didnt get to go in court. see? see? see? those who went in wont be able how it feels to sit outside and watch. and on one of the day, i knew i cant go in court and im very sad. still, ppl said things that dont sit my ears and hurt alot. thus, tears flow out. its really very sad. coz they wont noe how does it feels lyk. and they wont treasure the chance of getting in court.

sad things happening all around and stress as well. if one day, one day, i really cant take it i would be crying in front of everyone. btw ty huiyun! :D you noe wad happened. ty for that time in the toilet. (:


❤JOEI!:D 10:21 PM

Monday, January 22, 2007

happy birthday vivien!

heyya! :D

today's vivien cheng b'dae. LOL firstly,


yupyup. haha. she had a love letter frm ahem ahem. and alexis STOLE a sweet frm my bag she choked. RETRIBUTION. vivien is so blessed lah. 1st ting she go sch everyone starts wishing her happy birthday and give her presents! *jealousy* haha. joking! (: yupyup. lessons today was so boring. ): 3 periods of maths. haha. cherie wrap the present lyk dunno wad and we told her we gave her a bomb! hahaha. anw yup. that's all.

and its lyk wth. my mother threw away ALL my last year's notes. ARGH! i was so damn angry. nvm. luckily rongxuan called me. TY MUMMY! :D and while talking on the phone i went to try my contacts. dunno why i juz walk over to the mirror to try. haha and guess wad?!?! i managed to put it in. WOOTS! the putting in and taking out took me less than 15 min i tink? haha. an achievement hor. LOL

yup. tmr is C girls match. here i am wishing them GOOD LUCK! :D and 3 more days it would be our turn. if i nvr block the ball properly i will hai the whole team. stress arh. for ur info i still cant jump and spike properly. i cant serve as well! AHHHHHHHHHHH! i juz wanna scream it out! ):


❤JOEI!:D 7:41 PM

Sunday, January 21, 2007

boredom! :/

hey everyone!

im blogging coz im seriously bored. get it? BORED! lol. im currently rotting at home. ): but im goin out soon. hehhs. sian. juz put down the phone with yingying and im msging her. coz both of us are BORED! :D she's taking her bursury. so sian ma! i didnt study for my test and i havent do my hw. :/ sian sian sian. haofong is mad lor! flood my testi! 1000+. stupid ass hole. and hweizhong's helping me accept them. hehhs. ty! :D tmr's vivien birthday. she is lyk 16 and im still stuck at 15. -.- im always the lastest! haha. boredom man! :/ nobody's entertaining me. ): so im here updating my blog which is lyk no diff frm talking to myself. okay good! finally someone is entertaining me. hahaha. haofong talking to me in msn and yingying's msging me. YES! kill time! :D


❤JOEI!:D 2:32 PM

Friday, January 19, 2007

temasak poly! JC or POLY?

aholla! (:

had lessons in the morning. haha. english. the test was postponed. hehhs. and then at the very last min when mr phua's goin off, he said smth. disgusting. LOL. and eunice asked one qn which is lyk very sick. LOL at that point of time most of us getting high. HEHHS! nxt was mother tongue. sian. her periods forever sian de lah. lol. and then chemistry! did experiment coz its double period. and we didnt go for recess. so in order to give us back our recess, after doing that we can go off. actually we can go home but according to sch rules, cant go home yet. haha. so we stayed in the canteen. talked abt alot of tings. hahaha. we were laughing lyk mad all thanks to cherie and vivien. all our minds polluted including the guai guai michelle and quanyin. hahahah. laughed for 20-30 min. stomach pain. LOL. and alexis was lyk adding on to it. damn funny. and for that few min, i feel lyk we have returned back to sec 2 life where we would always tgt laughing. (: haha. anw we talked abt that someone. yupyup. i wont say it out yet until i goin explode then say it out. :D

okay. sch finally ended after so much laughing. yup. i went to the market with yingying and rongxuan. rongxuan so poor ting coz we keep playing on her drinks when she goes off to buy some things. LOL. and then we accompained yingying to cut her hair! (: which is lyk finally coz she is wanting to cut since dunno how many years ago. hahaha. tracy and huiyun came to join us! but actually they wanted to see yingying's new hairstyle. :D we went back to school and slacked in the choir room. coz we were too bored. and then yingying, huiyun and me ps rongxuan and peiqin coz we were goin off to temasak poly!

haha. took a bus over and it was lyk 1 hour. LOL. slept all the way. =X cant help it lah coz we were seriously very tired. hehhs. and went off to temasak poly! it was so damn big! and they had alot more courses to choose frm than RP. was interested in one of the course but their intake only 60 eh! 60 for the whole of singapore's sec 4 students! doubt i can get in. ): anw huiyun oso saw smth she lyk. designing. yingying too! of coz all of us wans to go JC but we were scared that we couldnt get in. sad sad sad. if cant go poly lor. no choice. haha. went to tampines mall and went home. sat on the bus for so long and the bus is so damn cold.

JC or ploy? hmmm. i noe i would not be able to get into jc. which is lyk duh. im so slack and lazy. mayb i cant even go in to poly and might juz land in ite. ): sad. most of the ppl would wan to go jc. but i seriously cant make up my mind after visiting 2 polys and it was lyk so fun. haha. ohwell. ):

stop here. BYE!

❤JOEI!:D 8:24 PM

Thursday, January 18, 2007

gonna break down soon. ):

ohaiyo! haha.

sch, as usual was boring. started off with 2 hours of PHYSICS. then social studies. ms noor asked me to sweep the floor! then 2 hours of AMATHS. see how boring it is. haha. im gonna fail the amaths quiz. ):

after that went for training. yupyup. it was the most tiring! did 30 serve. as usual, most of the balls cant go over. haha. and the coach came and he concentrated on us. B girls. okay. started off with match. not really match lah. juz practicing. yup. i had to jump so many times. imagine how tiring it is. oh well. not only me lah. still hav cherie, alexis. haha. and tink cherie and vivien got alot of bruise. hehh. i dun hav coz i onli fell 2 times! (: AH! and i cant serve the balls over. ): and lastly! okay. its seriously embarrassing. we lost to the C girls and they are younger than us! not 1 match but 2! haix. punishment for that? 100 jumping jacks! but its alrd cut down by half le. hehe. we did it near the canteen and luckily, most of the ppl went home alrd so its not so ma lu. and then while walking home, all of us jiao ruan. LOL.

haha. lots of test coming up! argh. TESTS TESTS TESTS! and the tornaments as well! PLUS i still hav other worries and problems which i dun wan to name it out. im gonna break down very soon! ): ): ): so many things and i cant serve balls, spike properly, jump properly. and the tornament is one week later. 7 days! very fast! i even got critisied for my jumping which seriously affected me. PLUS the said smth in the bus which affected me more. ): oh well. if im suddenly very hot-tempered, pls bear with me. ):

JASON SUCKS! (: he is an uncle. and he suck alot alot. :D act guai and everytime say ppl emo. conclusion: jason still sucks. :DDD

❤JOEI!:D 7:42 PM

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


hello! had training today! (: (: (:

guess wad?!?! i got into the main team! hehhs. im so happy! the four of us went in but eidel didnt. ): but! i cant serve the balls. ): and then luckily today not concentrating on B girls so i didnt get scolded. haha. anw we did nth much. juz one match coz our match is not so early. its nxt week. TUES! can you believe it?!?! so fast. then the C girls even faster coz theirs is this thu. lol GOOD LUCK! :D


❤JOEI!:D 8:50 PM

Sunday, January 14, 2007

back to blogging! :D

HELLO everyone! :D

im finally using my own com to blog! hehhs. my com recover le.
anw had a busy week in sch. hav trainings, choir and cca orientation. i wan to get into the main team for the tornament! after training for so long, i dun wan all our efforts to go into waste. i really wish that the four of us can get into the team and compete! (: anw i dunno why but im always scolded by the coach. he seem so buay song abt. lol. tink coz i everytime the ball so high i didnt spike, instead i juz went to dig over. mayb that's the case. haha.

choir. hmmm. okay. still as boring. :/ everytime sing sing sing. pumping pumping pumping. then kena scolded. -.-'' haha. we practiced the songs that we are goin to sing for the cca orientation. sian lor. okay then fri's the cca orientation. we sang ti or or and when you believe. LOL. we sang BADLY! it was seriously very bad. so everyone was moody PLUS i sang till head giddy. lol. and it was super giddy. the world's spinning! and i couldnt stand properly. i had to hold on to yingying and when i was giddy we only sang finish the 1st song. ): everyone tried their best. (: eh. quite alot of ppl signed up but there are also repeated names. LOL. but nvm. at least there's a smile on mr phua's name so the committee wont get scolded! :DDDDD

went to take my pay on sat but i cant coz THE LADY NOT THERE! wasted my trip. haha. sry huimin and yingying. haha. they accompanied me all the way in the end nth. lol. yingying wanted to go isetan so we went tampines. huiyun met us there. again, sry huiyun for letting you wait so long for us. yupyup. we went walking around and went to century square's toilet. very nice. (: took neos. :DDD hehhs. love those neos. and then the 4 of us recieved some SHOCKING news. :DD shant say it. HEHHS! (: (: (: okay. all of us were shocked. yupyup. then we went to mac to sit down, hav a drink and talk since we hav no plac ein mind where we wanna go. lol. and then we went home. on our way to the interchange and on the bus, i talked to huimin. abt alot of tings. but she told me hers as well. yupyup. ALL THOSE ARE LOW PROFILE. (:

anw stop here. and its quite long i guess. :D hehhs. goin to do hw le. BYE ppl!

❤JOEI!:D 8:00 PM

Thursday, January 11, 2007

heyhey! im blogging again. LOL.

today training was FUN! i juz hope that i can get into main teaM. ): but dun tink so? =X haha. oh well. nvm. haha. no matter wad, i will still sopport PEIRCE! :DD i got scolded again. not the 1st time so nth much. lol.

ahah. okay shall end here. BYE!

❤JOEI!:D 9:55 PM

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

ignore this post. (:

hello everyone! im now using my sis com to blog. hehhs.ignore me.)

okay shant talk abt that anymore. well. im kinda of lazy to be writing abt stuff which happened a few days ago. haha. but anw VOLLEYBALL is fun. (: hav been wanting to hav training. dunno why. cherie, vivien and alexis oso want training for no particular reason. lol. mayb we hav the sudden urge to play it. lol.

okay. shall stop here. yupyup. (: ppl you can ignore this post!! :DD HA! goin back to revise for the ss test tmr. sec 4 life SUCKS! bye. (:

❤JOEI!:D 10:09 PM